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Welcome to Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau, where you can acquire the skills and experience necessary to transform your passion into a career. Take a look around our site to find out what we have to offer you, and contact us if you have any questions!

Some excerpts from planned programs

Orfeo by C. Monteverdi

L&#39;Agrippinaby N. Porpora

Griselda by A. Vivaldi

Rinaldo, Alcina, Aci, Galatea and Polifemo... from GF. Handel

Dido and Aeneas, Abdelazer... from H. Purcell

La Traviata by G Verdi

La Tosca by G. Puccini

The Barber of Seville by G. Rossini

Samson and Delilah deCamille Saint-Saëns

Carmenby G.Bizet

LakmeofLeo Delibes

La Périchole by J. Offenbach.......etc

Male Performer on Stage
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A Word from the President

Our philosophy ...... It all starts here

I have deliberately designed the academy differently from the training proposals of other Lyrical Art Masterclasses.

To give all its vibratory meaning to the stage and to the magic of the show,  the training provided during these Masterclasses at our lyric art academy and its specificities  are voluntarily dense, in order to discover and appropriate a character, to apprehend and exploit the lyrical declamation, to exploit the rhetoric of the sentence included in a vocal gesture, to dramatize the vocal gesture, to provide tools for the realization of the intentions of the interpreter , gain in stability and confidence ..... .etc. . That is why  the formation of the academy Les Lyriques d'Azay le Rideau , is an immersion course, providing trainees with the means and requirements of a professional lyric production, from the first vocalizations to the stage performance.

Hence the importance, to the teaching team, to add elements such as an Italian coach, a director, costumes and sets, a sound and light control, and the presence of an orchestra, support essential teaching, available to trainees for Masterclass work and rehearsals, leading to public performances, in heritage places of Azay Le Rideau.


The Academy of Lyric Art is made for singers wishing to acquire a solid foundation and prepare for a career in the sector. No matter which training program you choose, you will receive a quality education from passionate teachers. Whether you have already registered or are considering applying, browse our site to learn more about our programs, admission requirements and much more.

                                  Francois Michel DUGUET

Opera singer
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"  Works of art make the rules, rules don't make works of art.  "

Claude Debussy

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Evènements futurs

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2 Summer Academy Masterclass  2024

- Renaissance / Commedia d'ell arte

- Lyric Opera


  • Masterclass Opéra Lyrique (Puccini, Bellini, ....) including Educational costs, vocal technique, interpretation, coaching, rehearsal with orchestra ...: 1900 € / trainee / period /

  • Masterclass Renaissance / Commedia D'elle arte ) including Educational costs, vocal technique, interpretation, coaching, rehearsal with training for 4 musicians ...: 1500 € / trainee / period

    • Registration fees and insurance for the course 60 €.

    • Contribution: 15 € / person

  • A deposit by check  of € 500 non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the trainee

  • The balance will be paid upon reception at the start of the internship. If you want confirmation of your registration, please contact us by email.

to be returned with a recent curriculum vitae, a recent video

Your registration must be accompanied by the deposit (500 €) + registration fees (60 €) + subscription (15 €) by check payable to:  


  Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau

1 path of Plessis  37190 Azay Le Rideau


  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course in the event of events beyond its control.

  • The Les Lyriques d'Azay Le rideau association will return the sums paid to the exclusion of any other compensation.

  • Any internship started is due in full.

  • The trainee or his legal representatives hereby certify that they hold civil liability insurance.

  • The management declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or damage during the stay.


Thank you for contacting us. We will respond as soon as possible.

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