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The Festival  territory project

President&#39;s word

Thanks to everyone&#39;s efforts, the Azay Le Rideau festival is a component of the Ridellois cultural landscape whose audience will know over the years, far beyond the borders of our country of Ridellois, becoming an essential event, known and recognized, contributing to the cultural notoriety of Azay Le Rideau and its region.

&quot;Les Lyriques d&#39;Azay Le Rideau, a festival contributing to the cultural notoriety of the Ridellois&quot;

The Festival brings together a family of artists from around the world on an enchanting site where a lyrical program generously dedicated to the discovery and promotion of young talent is distilled.

In this difficult and uncertain situation, we have opted for a reduced program which limits the number and origin of our artists, but which will have absolutely no impact on the quality of our programs, including the level of requirement remains high.

For 2022/2023, we are maintaining the link with our country of Ridellois through a sustainable and cultural action of quality: 2 lyrical art masterclasses, 1 special masterclass for young audiences, free for children and adults, 2 lyrical concerts, 1 closing concert and also  annual opera lessons given by our resident teachers.

Admittedly, the health crisis has an impact on the organization and duration of our festival, but by forcing us to reduce our program, it has allowed us to seek and find other modes of operation that have strengthened the cohesion of our team, and to have new ideas for the upcoming shows that we present.

Since the conception of our Lyric Academy in 2006, we are proud of our ability to innovate and delight, while maintaining an impressive level of quality in our performances.

Finally, by reducing the programming, it gives us time to lay the essential foundations, to think about the future, for concerts &quot;outside the walls&quot; towards a more &quot;green&quot; and summer festival.


Lyrical Festival and Heritage

Promote musical culture throughout the
territory and develop the local cultural offer

A territory project

By creating this association &quot;Les lyriques d&#39;Azay Le Rideau&quot; and its cultural project, I wanted it to be  

  • the organizer and the coordinator of the connection of the territory, with its institutional partners, its public linked to this offer of cultural project.

  • The coordinator of the development of the cultural project of the Ridellois territory is committed through the lyric academy and its festival in Azay Le Rideau, to the artistic and lyrical dissemination and its teaching, to the development of live performance on the territory of the Ridellois.

  • →the project involves the search for a purpose and the definition of means and processes
    to achieve this
    →the project is immersed in the local historical, economic, social, environmental context and possibly political will
    →the project is consistent with the overall project of the territory and in interaction
    with other public policies and projects carried out in the territory
    →the project involves local partners
    →the project mobilizes local skills, volunteering…..

In order to improve the attractiveness of the territory through the development of the cultural offer, the association  &quot;Les lyriques d&#39;Azay Le Rideau&quot; and its cultural project:
→ takes into account the main sectoral cultural orientations of the
Department and other institutional partners (DRAC, Region, etc.)
→ invests in a priority cultural field for the Department, i.e., 3 axes: artistic and lyrical education provided by annual courses, teaching by Masterclasses of lyrical art interpretation, lyrical artistic dissemination by a Music and Heritage festival
→ takes into account the issue of structuring and professionalization
of the existing cultural offer on the territory of Ridellois
→ is shared and validated by the elected representatives of the territory of Azay Le Rideau

→Promotes a synergy between culture and tourism. A device designed for the local and tourist population who must continue to live over time: development of an event and partnership program around the project,

→develops a potential for economic development associated with the cultural project, dynamic action and animation of the territory around the heritage
→ Offers a quality cultural offer accessible to the entire population in a heritage place

After having made an inventory of the possible sites, private and national, in our commune of Azay The curtain  and periphery…….to retain only that  et is the better suited to the type of events that the Académie Lyrique will provide

The heritage site, a hoped-for and providential place of memory for the realization of this lyrical festival is the site:   Château d&#39;Azay Le Rideau

It is a question, there, of diffusion of Lyric art and the works already exist, knowing that the staging designed will know how to chisel the vocal gesture and the operatic art, on an emblematic facade such as that of the castle of Azay the curtain. At the heart of the project is of course the presence of musical works; the text will become a show, the score a concert…

The castle of Azay the curtain, then becomes highlighted, vector of history and identity

&quot;It was Gilles Berthelot, mayor of Tours and treasurer of François 1er, who had the current castle built between 1518 and 1523. Mounted on stilts on the very site  of the old fortress, the architectural project is inspired by the Italian Renaissance. François 1er, is the result of rich Italian cities, independent, which compete and innovate in the field of arts and sciences. The influence is certainly on the decor, but also and above all on the very organization of the building.»

The influence of the Italian Renaissance on buildings has prompted Les Lyriques d&#39;Azay Le Rideau to create 3 creation shows that will punctuate the 2023 Masterclasses. Italy.

The first show  Saturday August 5, 2023 -9 p.m. twirls around the Italian Masters of the 17th century (Cavalli, Monteverdi, Cesti, Strozzi, etc.)

The second show  Sunday August 6, 2023 -9 p.m. around Italian composers of the 19th century, from the Italian Romantic Opera (Bellini, Puccini, Donizetti, Verdi, Rossini)

The third show on Monday August 7, 2023 -9 p.m. is the closing concert, an anthology of Italian tunes, duets and trios, with prize giving to the singers nominated by the artistic committee.


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Les lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau