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Since opening our doors, we've been dedicated to helping singers pursue careers that inspire them. Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau offers a unique and personalized learning method, which promotes the development and learning of interns, and which encourages creative minds to achieve success. Browse our site to learn more about what we have to offer.

The Lyriques d'Azay Academy The curtain  offers itself as a center of development , as a hotbed of talents in the form of an interpretation masterclass and concerts in heritage places.


Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau is a summer lyrical academy , a pioneer in the dissemination of classical music in Ridellois and strongly integrated into the local and heritage fabric (partnerships, volunteering, etc.). Thanks to a program of quality and resolutely diversified The work will be based on works belonging to the repertory of the opera, operetta, musical comedy… This festival is a meeting awaited, as well for the inhabitants as for the tourists.


Confirmed singers benefit from exchange and development time with French and international artists among the most specialized and seasoned in the fields of opera.

Singing requires physical and psychological strength, because the voice is the link between the body, emotions and thoughts: it is from a person in harmony with himself that the singer will be born! A joint work of physical, musical and scenic preparation makes it possible to develop the freedom and the imagination of the singer during concrete applications.

Its Lyrical Masterclass cycle invites improvement in interpretation,  to reflection, debate, discovery, decompartmentalization, openness, commitment and daring, and contributes to developing artistic and professional skills in awareness of a changing world.

A real professional springboard for artists at the start and middle of their career, this festival acts at the heart of strong professional networks, which gives it a benchmark status in the revealing of talent. Its originality lies in its inclusion in the heart of the Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau Festival, which it nurtures by fully contributing to its artistic renewal, as well as to the defense of its values of equity, diversity and inclusion.





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