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Project display

The association (law 1901)  Les Lyriques d'Azay Le rideau, a non-profit organization,  offers itself as an academy, as a center of talent, a center of development for young singers, in the form of an interpretation masterclass, punctuated by concerts in heritage places.

"Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau" is an academy of lyrical art, a music and heritage festival, a pioneer in the dissemination of lyrical music  and old in the Ridellois and strongly integrated into the local fabric (partnerships, volunteering ...) . Thanks to a program of quality and resolutely diversified the work in Masterclass will be based on works belonging to an eclectic repertoire, of the Renaissance, of the Baroque, the opera, operetta, musical comedy… This lyrical summer festival is an appointment -you expected, for all, for both locals and tourists.


Origin of the project

Since 2006, the idea of creating a lyric, music and heritage festival / academy  trots in the head of François Michel DUGUET and never leaves him. In 2021, the 1901 association “les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau” was created and the Summer Lyric Academy, a music and heritage festival, was orchestrated ...

A team of artists and teachers, technicians is thus constituted, with the complicity of Dominique VISSE countertenor and Kim Young HEE Soprano Lyrique, Ivane HUBER Pianist… .. the musicians of the orchestra and the musical ensemble and the help of Ridellois volunteers.

What will the money collected be used for?

L The money collected will be used to pay part of the operation of the association and also part of the administrative / office budgets, the communication budget, the production budget (concert - rental of scenic equipment / lighting / decor / costumes, remuneration musicians / teachers) and the stewardship / logistics budget.




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