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Welcome to our family. Once you become part of our community, you are part of our family forever. Our student interns are curious and active, and we are convinced that the education provided by Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau must be comprehensive and balanced, both inside and outside the classroom. To find out more or to participate in student activities, do not hesitate to contact us today!

2 Masterclasses from Monday July 31 to Tuesday August 8, 2023

The Vocal Objective:

Les Lyriques d'Azay le rideau provide trainees with the means for professional lyric production, from the first vocalizations to the stage performance.

To the teaching team are added elements of costumes and sets, a sound and light control, an Italian repeater, a director and the presence of an orchestra at the disposal of the trainees leading to performances. public, in heritage places of Azay Le Rideau

The course is designed as an immersion course by putting the trainees in the context and the requirements of a professional lyric production . The singers (conductors and stage directors) who are called upon to work together often receive very compartmentalized training. The goal of this internship is, under the control of a teaching team (teachers, tutor, accompanist, conductors, director) experienced in international lyrical productions, to break this partitioning by putting each other in permanent contact, in the framework of a musical and scenic work . Particular emphasis will be placed on learning good pronunciation (Italian, English, German) essential for the career of trainees and singers. The trainees will have an Italian / German / English tutor

Support provided to interns

The presence of an orchestra of professionals is the essential educational support , which is most often lacking in training courses or master classes. Young artists very rarely have the opportunity to confront the reality of working with an orchestra: this constitutes an obstacle in their early career. To allow our trainees to learn in the best conditions, 2 orchestras are included in the operation to accompany them during the training.  

To the teaching team are added basic elements of costumes and sets,  

for the Opéra Lyrique Masterclass , 2023, taught by Young-Hee KIM (Soprano) , the presence  1 Italian / English repeater, 1 piano repeater and a reduced orchestra (15 musicians) available to singers for rehearsal and leading to 1 to 2 public performances.


for the Renaissance / commedia dell'arte Masterclass, 2023, provided by Dominique VISSE (Countertenor) the presence of 4 musicians at the disposal of the singers leading to 1 public Masterclass and 1 to 2 public performances.

The course s  are organized around workshops provided by teachers / singers dedicated to the following areas:

Vocal warm-up

Preparation of the score

Italian Diction with a repeater

Vocal work with conductor

Work with the director, gestures, stage space

Work and rehearsals with the orchestra


  • Vocal coaching

    • Improve the connection between the different zones involved during the vocal gesture: abdominal belt, laryngeal apparatus, oral cavity.

    • Become aware of the necessary balance between tone and mobility.

    • Exploit the richness of his tone of voice

    • Allow the development of power: optimize the vocal gesture.

  • Body training of the singer

    • Gain stability and confidence.

    • Meet a vocal balance from a bodily balance.

    • Discover a perceptual anatomy of the different regions participating in the vocal gesture.

  • Musical coaching

    • Learn and experience the melody repertoire by addressing its specificities: style, poetry, prosody, accentuation, place of vowels, approach to nasals.

  • Interpretation and theatricality

    • Discover and appropriate a character.

    • Understand and use lyrical declamation.

    • Use the rhetoric of the phrase included in a vocal gesture.

    • Theatricalize the vocal gesture.

    • Provide tools for the realization of the interpreter's intentions.

Programs and contents

Intensive course of a typical day

Classes take place Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. then from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., with piano then with orchestra

  • 9h-11h: specific warm-up using the tools of perceptual psychopedagogy and the sensory martial art

  • 11 am-1pm: individual lessons with the various speakers:

    • body and vocal preparation

    • : study of scores

    • vocal gesture

    • musical accompaniment

  • 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m .: continuation of individual lessons

  • 4 pm-7pm: Masterclass with the  speakers and orchestra rehearsal

  • Concert venues: Private and national

  • Château d'Azay the curtain,  Chateau Plessis Gallu,  ........

  • Legal structure:

  • An association law 1901 "  Les Lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau »


  • Stewardship:  

    • Restoration : meals provided for students during the Masterclass week include half-board ( 1 lunch )

    • Establishment: to be confirmed

    • Student accommodation : accommodation provided for students during the Masterclass week, includes overnight stay and breakfast in a partner lodging: Establishment to be confirmed  ( Contact us)


    • However, for trainees wishing to be independent and free, accommodation is left to the choice and expense of the trainees, (contact us) for example:

      • City center hotels : These services  are offered to trainees (at their expense) . Reservations required in advance

      • Hotel Loire Valley, Hotel de Biencourt, Hotel Le Grand Monarque

      • Gites  in the city center : These services  are offered to trainees (at their expense) Reservation required in advance (lodgings with 2/3 bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen in a nearby lodge).

      •   Domaine Plessis Gallu, Les Petites Marguerites, Les Terrasses d'Azay, Ti-Gite Troglodyte

        • Bed and Breakfast in the city center : These services  are offered to trainees (at their expense) . Reservations required in advance

        • In the Shadow of Azay, Vagabondes,

  • The choice of  speakers

  • The 2023 program

    • Programming is sure to be our common thread that will ensure the smooth running of the festival. For 2023, the Themes chosen for this musical event at Azay Le Rideau are Renaissance / Commedia D'elle Arte and The romantic opera (Puccini, Bellini, Verdi, Donizetti ...). T he well-crafted program will not fail to contribute to the success of this event.

Les lyriques d'Azay Le Rideau